This is the 5th blog post in a series describing my review of/experiences with the ETBot crypto trading bot. After my 1st post, describing registration, payment and connecting to an exchange and reports of my results after 2 weeks, 1 month & 2 months, this post celibrates the first profitable trade (spoiler alert: it's a big one).

For full transparency: I did apply for an affiliate account, yet will refrain from making my blog posts commercial adds and keep things neutral. However, if you do intend to start using ETBot, I would very much appreciate it if you signup after using one of my links or supply my Referral ID (203) in the sign-up form. I won’t cost you extra and it does provide me with a small additional reward for my writing in addition to help structuring my thoughts.

Results so far

As said in the introduction, the first profitable trade was a big one (+$238.34). Overall, results are still of course still pretty bad

  • Hold USD: 0%
  • Hold BTC: +24%
  • ETBot: -18%

ETBot performance

Total fees paid: $137.75.

Worth the Money?

Still hard to tell (and to be fair, I think at least a year would be needed to judge this with some certainty), however with a few more trade like this, it would still be possible to turn the tables. Unfortunately, the ominous clocks keeps ticking and my time is running out…

ETBot countdown