This is the 3rd blog post in a series describing my review of/experiences with the ETBot crypto trading bot. After my 1st post, describing registration, payment and connecting to an exchange, this post will focus on the first month of actual trades..

For full transparency: I did apply for an affiliate account, yet will refrain from making my blog posts commercial adds and keep things neutral. However, if you do intend to start using ETBot, I would very much appreciate it if you signup after using one of my links or supply my Referral ID (203) in the sign-up form. I won’t cost you extra and it does provide me with a small additional reward for my writing in addition to help structuring my thoughts.

Transparency note two: this post has been backdated. Due to lazyness lack of time, I have written this post later than planned (it has actually been written on August 3rd).

Impressions so far

No news since my previous blog post.

Results so far

Well, until now, results are to still cry for. Not only is the overall performance a loss of 19%, but literally every trade so far has resulted in a loss. Compared to simply holding on, this not compare favorably:

  • Hold USD: 0%
  • Hold BTC: +5%
  • ETBot: -19%

ETBot performance

Total fees paid: $64.66.

Scam or Legit?

No changes in insights or opinions since my previous blog post.

Worth the Money?

No changes in insights or opinions since my previous blog post.