GitHub Pages and Pelican have served me well for several years1, yet recently this website was suddenly offline. Rather than finding out the underlying reason, I decided to move to Netlify and Hugo due to good experiences creating

Setting up Netlify is a breeze (including SSL) and the simplicity of a single Hugo executable that manages site generation was appealing enough to go the hassle of conversion. In the end, there was barely any hassle: configuring Hugo is easy enough, blog posts can keep their slug and there were only a few posts to review.

Finding a theme to bananafy was easy enough as well: the Hugo Tranquilpeak theme is pretty nice. There are some small things to improve and/or find out how it works, yet for now it’s definitely good enough (so expect this look to stay for the next 5 years).

Biggest upsides of the new set-up:
  • is actually available online again :)
  • More robust pipeline for writing, generating and deploying (no hassle with Python environment, no deployment scripts, no separate gh-pages branch anymore).
  • It seems easier to include custom Javascript in a blog post or page.
Biggest downsides of the new set-up:
  • Syntax highlighting seems a bit less powerful.
  • Slightly more difficult for me to modify inner workings of the theme.
  • Hugo is a less cool name than Pelican.
  • Comments are still in Disqus, if anyone has a tip for a replacement, please let me know.
Biggest neutral changes of the new set-up:
  • The theme is different, there are things that I do like better now, yet there’s also parts that are worse (e.g. block quotes, tags).
  • New configuration options to learn/explore.

  1. Granted, the amount of posts written in most of those years was not that high… [return]